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5 acronyms to replace LOL

It’s official: LOL is now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. To celebrate this historic moment in human educational development, I’ve listed 5 additional acronyms that should also be included.

SOL is an abbreviation for snotted-out-loud, the process of ejecting mucus from the nasal passage when caught by unexpected laughter. SOL is often experienced by couples on their first date.

PML, an abbreviation for pissed-myself-laughing, is the repeated inability to control urination during intense bouts of laughter. Use of the term has gained popularity among Irish backpackers and in retirement homes.

FOL-BEUSML, an acronym for farted-out-loud-but-ended-up-shitting-myself-laughing, is a condition of flatulence immediately followed by the forceful expulsion of diarrhea during laughter. FOL-BEUSML is most frequently enacted during the popular annual Indian Curry and Comedy festival. Although similar in pronunciation, the term shouldn’t be confused with the French word “fol bours ameli” which means ‘fuck off you tourist’.

PGOL, an abbreviation for polite-giggle-out-loud, is the act of politely making noises of appreciation when part of an audience of a comedian who struggle to inspire laughter.  The term originated in comics lounges in Melbourne when aspiring comedians who failed to provoke laughter, only roused ‘sympathy giggles’. Today FGOL is often used at Peter Helliar stand up shows.

OMGFL is a term that describes the act of intellectually-challenged females yelling out “oh my god!” followed by 2-3 seconds of loud fake laughter. OMGFL is commonly undertaken when engaged in animated conversation with similarly challenged females. It is associated with tanorexia nervosa and is often accompanied by frequent stroking of one’s own hair. OMGFL is frequently employed in school-yards and the media and advertising industry. Psycho-graphic studies have shown that a typical OMGFL often suffers from severe delusions of being a resident of Orange County, even though the participant may actually reside in an Australian middle class suburb.


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