9 Reality TV Show Ideas That Didn’t Make The Cut

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Australia’s Got Tinea

Premise: The nation’s favourite show about our nation’s favourite podiatry infection. Across the vast expanse of Australia – North, South, East, West – no stone has been left unturned in a bid to find Australia’s greatest case of tinea, athletes foot and other fungal and bacterial foot infections. Australian viewers will once again determine the winner of a record jackpot $200 to go towards podiatry services. After the local success of last year’s winner Harry the Hobo, the stakes are high.

PaintBall Dragon’s Den

Premise: Series in which budding entrepreneurs have three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multi-millionaires, all armed with semi-automatic paintball guns. The angel investors shoot the entrepreneur at close range with high-calibre paint balls if they do not like their ideas.

My Kitchen Rules: Halal Edition

Premise: MKR Halal Edition is a competitive Australian cooking show featuring the best Halal chefs from across the nation battle it out to be crowned the Honourable-Halal. State vs state (except Tasmania), the show’s contestants compete in typical challenges faced by Australian Halal chefs including the Cutting Of The Cow Jugular and the difficult Handling of the 3AM Drunk Kebab DickHead.

So You Think You Can Preach

Premise: So You Think You Can Preach will inspire and amaze viewers as Christian preachers ranging in style from Evangelical to Russian Orthodox compete to be named Australia’s favourite preacher. Catch Father Freddy, Paster Petey and Molly the Molester show off their favourite preaching styles. From burn-in-hell old testament fury, to wave-your-hands-in-the-air-and-fall-down-to-jesus evangelical stylings; this show has something for everyone.

The Farmer Wants a Reffo

Premise: One lucky illegal refugee will win the chance of a lifetime to work as a cash-in-hand labourer for an outback Australian farmer. Be captivated as Mohammed, Minh, Aleksy, Abdul, Yousef, Guang and Anh battle it out to win the coveted 15-hour-day-labour potential of Reg, the fair dinkum Aussie farmer from Coonabarrabran.

The Apprentice: Electrican

Premise: The Apprentice: Electrician is a series in which budding electrician wannabes compete for the chance to become a real-life $9.50 an hour apprentice for a local Melbourne firm, Electrocute (as seen on Today Tonight). Contestants are required to successfully complete a series of initiation challenges faced by real life apprentices including The Eating of the Chocolate Log, The Black Nipple and the infamous Two Hundred Volts In The Nutsack Challenge.

My Kitchen Rules: Chinese Edition

Premise: Another spin-off from the MKR franchise. My Kitchen Rules Chinese Edition features budding Chinese chefs competing for the chance to win a scholarship for their child’s high-school tuition. You’ll be captivated as our talented cooks face typical Chinese chef tasks with limited resources. Watch Mr Chen create a hokkien noodle meat stir fry with no chicken, lamb, pork or seafood ingredients at hand.

Being Brian Lara

Premise: Being Brian Lara is an access-all-areas observational documentary that will take us behind-the-scenes of Brian Lara’s private life for the very first time. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they watch Brian Lara shop for vegetables at Tesco, drive his Saab to cricket coaching, and live out a safe, enjoyable, non-controversial retirement.

The North Shore

Premise: A reality-based look at the vapid lives of several North Shore Sydney 20-somethings and their respective friends and/or hook-ups. Never before have a group of rich, white wannabes so desperately tried to be perceived as poor and black.

Our country was built on refugees, hard work, fairness and proper grammar.

Our nation was built on hard work, fairness and proper grammar.


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