Ahh pubs. You gotta love them. Glorious places of treasurable memories, quirky people, exotic beers and colourful and interesting decor.

But have you ever wondered why we have that strange bond with the local pub?

I think it takes us back to the time when we were in our mother’s womb – the warmth, the constant nutrients (pub snacks) and not worrying about what the outside world has to throw at us.

An escape from the pressures of society.

Where one can celebrate some good news.

Or drown their sorrows.

Or chat to an interesting local about where the brim are biting.

For me, the best thing about pubs are the colourful stories and random conversations I’ve had with strangers and mates.

Like Gerban, the bloke in a small pub in Amsterdam who told me his wife left him because he had an unusually small penis. He had tried surgery, pills, pumps…but to no avail.

Or Old-Frank, the elderley man sitting at the bar in outer San Francisco who has come to the same bar at the same time every day for the last 35 years except for the day his wife died (he was delayed by an hour).

Or the Chelsea-jersey wearing teenagers at the pub at Stansted Airport in London who were boldly pretending they were older to be served a beer. Good thing I saved the day and bought them all a beer for £10 each. It turns out they were the actual Chelsea under 15’s football team on the way to Germany.

Or Stan, a beer drinker at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in Melbourne who once went to Alton Towers with his fiance and her parents. They went on a rollercoaster called “The Black Hole” and had to each straddle a log with their knees around the person in front of them. Unfortunately for Stan, he was placed in front of his mother-in-law. Awkward.

Or Stu in Lisbon, a blonde haired blue eyed Australian from Cowra (deep inland with no sea). He was in Portugal working as a surfing instructor. He landed the job by sending in a fake-resume and a photo, despite the fact that he had never surfed in his life.

This blog is dedicated to all the people I’ve spoken to in pubs around the world – who were funny, weird, dull, smelly, enlightening and strange.

They had one thing in common – they were all there to share a laugh, or have a rant, or tell their story.

Now, if you and I were at the pub right now, what would we be talking about?


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  • 1. James  |  March 19, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Love this Blog Jeffro.


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