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10 things Clare Werbeloff should do with her new fame (aka The Chk Chk Boom Bogan)

She’s known as the Chk Chk Boom girl, Clare Werbeloff is the new pretty face of Boganism in Australia.

Werbeloff shot to international media attention with her colourful (i.e. Boganist) account of a shooting in Kings Cross on prime time news. Watch this for the interview:

This week, her quotes have donned mugs and tee-shirts, and have been the subject of water-cooler conversation in every office in the country. She’s even hired a publicist to deal with her new found fame. Perhaps her publicist could advise her to do the following to capitalise on the media attention while it lasts:

1. Release her own brand of perfume called “L’odeur de la Bogan”

2. Open a restaurant specialising in her speciality dish: The Werberloff Stroganoff

3. Be a regular advice-dispensing columnist in the Daily Telegraph. Call the column “The Werbsta Speaks”

4. Sell her toenails on Ebay. Ensure the bid ends soon as her 15 minute of fame is running out.

5. Make a sex tape. Scream “THIS IS FULLY SICK!” as she comes. But, of course we all know she’ll be faking.

6. Be the face of the Australian Firearm’s Association. Tattoos, long hair and westie-English. Just like most of the members.

7. Record a single and accompanying video clip with her wearing nothing but one of her tee shirts. Not the first time someone with a pretty face that can’t sing has made a single.

8. Go on Rove to promote her single. Call Rove a “fat wog” on the show.

9. Go on Celebrity Big Brother to promote her Rove appearance. You don’t have to be that famous to appear on the show. Face it, every celebrity from the fat kid on Hey Dad to the prime minister’s former-florist has made an appearance.

10. Set up Support this with a Twitter page and a Facebook fan site.


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