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Do Bikie Gangs in Australia Have Small Penis Syndrome?

On Sunday 22nd March, a bikie gang brawl at Sydney airport resulted in oneĀ  gang member, Anthony Zervas being beaten to death. On Monday March 30, Anthony’s brother Peter was shot down in the driveway of his family home in Western Sydney.

The police said this was the result of an ongoing feud between rival Hell’s Angels and Comancheros bikie gangs.

When is this going to stop? When will Australian’s finally feel safe walking around their own neighbourhood? It is disgusting to know that the shooting occurred in a residential area around children.

But we need to ask, why do people join bikie gangs in the first place?

I can’t understand their urge to join an alternative subculture, shun society and say fuck you to the rest of the world.

Were they bullied at school because of their man-boobs? Or breast-fed til they were 14? Or do they simply have small penis syndrome and are angry at the rest of the world?

Bazza's ridicule lasted into adulthood

Bazza's ridicule lasted into adulthood

Gang members claim that they are ‘motorycycle enthusiasts who share a common interest’.

What’s the common interest? We all have one inch in our pants and don’t care about our manboobs?

If you are so insecure that you need to appear tough and intimidate the rest of society, then do so peacefully and join Second Life as a bullying avatar.


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