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Why I didn’t vote at the elections

Yesterday I received a letter from the council threatening me with a $70 fine unless I could provide a valid reason for not voting at the recent council elections.

The actual truth is, I chose to ignore the election because…how can I put it….I simply don’t give a flying toss.

However, rather than risk a $70 fine I had to come up with a legitimate reason for not voting.

I pondered a┬áleukaemia hospital operation, being overseas helping refugees in Ghana, our mailbox being broken into and the election letter stolen, pulling the racism card and saying they’re targeting me because of my ethnicity, saying that people from my culture do not believe in voting, claiming that I have a rare blood-disorder that prevents me from leaving the house, and finally just admitting that I do not care.

However, I decided to go down the religious-nutter route. Here’s what I wrote.

Why I didn't vote


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