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Bungee Jumping over the Zambezi River and mates that always have a better story than you

Don’t you just hate it when you’re telling a yarn about something cool in your life and someone always has an even better story, faster car, cooler stereo, bigger MP3 collection, hairier dog, bigger caught fish,  spikier hair, funnier traveling stories or nastier scars than you?

One of my good mates Kenno typically always “out-story’s” me in pub-yarning.

Like the other day I was rambling on about a recent death defying, boxer short-soiling fishing adventure near Bondi Beach. You know, the type of scary rock-climbing adventures to get to your fishing spot that makes your life insurance company take out further business insurance.

Anyhoo…Kenno goes ‘that’s nothing, listen to this story about when I was bungee jumping over the Zambizi River.

20 of them from their hostel had signed up to this bungee jumping adventure in Zambezi, between Zimbabwe and Zambia. They had to proceed down this wiry little bridge that spanned two big cliffs. The bridge was the type of bridge straight out of Indiana Jones, with missing wooden planks.

The bungee instructor didn't fill them with confidence

The bungee instructor didn't fill them with confidence

They slowly made their way to the middle of the bridge where one of the instructors proceeded to tell them the day’s proceedings.

After the brief, the first person got ‘wired up’ in the bungee jumping sense. The bungee cord was attached to his leg with….guess it….an old beach towel that was rolled up, tired around his leg and tied to the cord.

So he jumped…survived…and the two instructors pulled the poor bugger up.

Next in line….

The SAME beach towel was taken off the bugger number 1, rolled up and retired to bugger number 2.

At this stage, the remainder of the group proceeded to simultaneously repeat Hail Mary’s.

And so, one by one, the instructors threw the poor sods off the bridge, each time re-tying the same beach towel to the next in line.

Kenno was number 13 in line, at the time he weighed over 110kgs. He went over, but the poor girl behind him subsequently had shat herself so much by this stage that she opted out.

I’ll stick to extreme-fishing.


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